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DVR Backup

DVR Backup

Go to monitor.

Right-click mouse for Menu (icon at bottom left on toolbar).

Click on icon (looks like a notebook). You will be directed to log in.

Enter password. (Refer to Administrator.)

Main Menu will appear. Go to Search (NOT “BACKUP”). You will need to find the time frame you want to back up first.

Calendar will appear on the right. Highlighted dates indicate how far back you can go. (This depends on hard drive, amount of activity, etc.)

Chose start time (in military time) and hit the play arrow. You can adjust play speed at the bottom. (1X, 2X, etc.)

Once incident is found, note time frame and exit this screen. (Only back up what is needed.)

You will be returned to Main Menu. Go to Backup.

Select date / time frame and hit Search.

Files will come up; select which camera (s) / incidents to back up.

Click “Backup”

Insert thumb drive. Un-check “backup player” and save file type as “AVI”. This will allow you to view using Windows Media Player.

Hit “Start”