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ESI Basic Phone Procedure



Answering a Call

To answer your phone, pick up your handset.

Note: Do not try to answer the call by pressing the line key. This will cause you to disconnect the caller.

Placing an Outgoing Call

Pick up handset or press Speaker

Dial “9” or press an available line key.

Dial telephone number.

Dial an Internal Extension

Dial the extension number or press the extension’s station key.

Transferring a Call

Press Transfer, dial the extension number or press the Station key for the person you want to send caller to, you can stay on the line and announce the call, then hang up, or simply hang up.

Note: To cancel the transfer, press the Flash key.

Pick up a call ringing at another Extension

Press the Pick Up Key (same as the *key P/UP).

Dial the extension number of the phone that is ringing or press the Station key.

Toggle Between Calls

While on a call and you will hear a tone when you are receiving another call. You’ll see the Caller ID information on the bottom or your screen to indentify the caller.

Press the Flash key to toggle between the two calls. To hang up with one of the callers, press the Release key and you will automatically return to the other caller.

Transferring Calls Directly to Voicemail

With the caller on the line, press the Voice Mail key, Transfer then dial the person’s extension number, OR press the Voicemail key then the person’s station key.

Placing a Call On Hold-Picking Up a Call off Hold With Line Appearance

Press the Hold button. To pick back up, press appropriate flashing line key.

Placing a Call On Hold-Picking up a Call off Hold Without Line Appearance

Press the Hold button, notice the line number that appears on your display. To pick back up, press Hold then enter the line number.

Volume Control

Use the Up & Down arrow keys located under the display to control the volume of your

Speakerphone, and Handset.

Ring Tone/ Ring Volume

Press Program 4

Press 1 to change Ring Tones-follow prompts

Press 2 to change Ring Volume-follow prompts


Recording your Greeting(s)

You can pre-record up to 3 Personal Greetings.

Press Program 1

When prompted enter the greeting number or press #. (Most use 1)

Follow prompts to Record greeting, review and Save.

Setting and/or Changing your Password

Press Program 5

Press 1 to enter a new password.

Enter a new password (up to 8 characters) the press # to save.

Password Levels

Your password level will determine when a password is required to retrieve your messages.

Press Program 5, 4

Remote (When retrieving outside the office)=1

All (When retrieving in and out of the office)=2

Disabled (Not required at all either in or out office)=0

Retrieving Messages In Office

From your Phone-Press your Voice Mail Key and password if prompted.

From another phone: Press Voice Mail, then *, enter your mailbox number and password if prompted.

Retrieving Messages outside of the Office

Dial your office main number, when you hear main greeting press * then enter your mailbox number.

If prompted enter password.

If your office number is answered live, the receptionist should press Voicemail and hang up.

Once you hear the main greeting, follow steps above.

Leave a Message Directly in a Person’s Mailbox

Press Voicemail, Transfer then enter extension number OR

Press Voice Mail then station key.